Ralf Jäger
Retailer - Soldier - Sailor

Background Summary

Circumnavigating North America

We're thrilled to have Ralf join the S/V Celebrate family! Not just a world sailor but an excellent cook and fisherman as well!

Ralf Jaeger.


When I was a young man, in the German Democratic Republic, my biggest dream was to be a sailor. So, I became a sailor on a cargo ship for 8 years. In this time I received advanced training in Firefighting, medical first aid and survival training specific for the sea. I traveled the world from Japan to Argentina, from Europe to India and Far East and from Italy to Kuwait and more.

After these 8 years I was for 18 months in the army. After the army I became a men's tailor. When the Berlin wall went down I opened shops for casual and sportswear with many employees. This was my passion for 20 years.

Ralf has two daughters, 15 and 18.


In 2013 I wanted to sail for 3 weeks, this was the initial plan but didn't return to Germany for over a year. Ralf sailed on the World ARC the year Cathy and Charlie sailed on on the Swan 53 with Heinz on Kathea. My last trip was on a Wauquiez 43 Pilot Salon so far the best sailing experience I have had. Two men alone from Australia to Italy, over 10000 miles across the pirate’s areas near Somalia and the Gulf of Aden in the Red Sea with heavy and uncomfortable sailing weather but it was a nice!

Now I have over 40000 miles.


I'm very interested in diving (Padi Rescue Diver), hiking and Judo.

But, the most important thing for me is to meet so different people around the world and on sailing boats. I like to cook and make very nice fruit salads. Fishing is also a passion for me and in the Wauquiez we always had fresh fish in the fridge.