The ARCTIC CIRCLE Northwest Passage Guide:
Satellite-Mapped Sailing Itinerary

by Captain Charlie & Cathy Simon

About the Authors

Captain Charlie Simon and his wife, Cathy, have been sailing for nearly forty years with over 100,000 sea miles together. As well as the Northwest Passage and World Circiumnavigation, they have also sailed around the USA coasts from Alaska to Nova Scotia, Canada twice via the Panama Canal. Charlie and Cathy are now focused on encouraging sailing and sharing their knowledge, while supporting sailing organizations at all levels.

About the Book

Dreaming of visiting the Arctic Northwest Passage? Buy THIS Book First!
Follow the adventure in the ice of Capt. Charlie and his wife, Cathy, and their crew of world sailors as they sail their way through the legendary Northwest Passage.
Also, the book includes eleven months of passage notes of their circumnavigation of the North American continent via the iconic Panama Canal. This non-fiction overview book is packed with extremely useful information that is well organized, easy to read, and entertaining.
The authors, Capt. Charlie and his wife, Cathy, sailed away on Celebrate, a Taswell 58, leaving Annapolis, MD, USA, on April 27, 2017 and completed the Northwest Passage on September 8, 2017. Then, completing their North American continent circumnavigation after eleven months after returning to Annapolis on April 16, 2018.
211 pages, full color.

ISBN: 979-8677518591

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